Antillean Euphonia, endemic to the Caribbean islands (photo by Dax Roman)
Antillean Euphonia, endemic to the Caribbean islands (photo by Dax Roman)

Caribbean Birds

The Caribbean is home to over 500 species of bird, including 172 species that are endemic to the region and found nowhere else in the world. In fact, there are over 100 bird species in the Caribbean that only live on one island. Overall, 59% of the resident birds—the ones that don’t migrate—in the region are endemic. The abundance of endemic species is one reason why the region is considered a biodiversity hotspot, and why conservation in the region is so important.

The region is also the seasonal home for over 150 migratory species that winter in the region after breeding in North America during the summer or travel through the region on their way to South America. As a stopover or wintering ground, the Caribbean is a vital resource for these migrants as they make their astounding journeys—thousands of miles each year!

Caribbean Endemics

West Indian Whistling-Duck
Gundlach’s Hawk
Cuban Black Hawk
Ridgway’s Hawk
Zapata Rail
Caribbean Coot
Scaly-naped Pigeon
Plain Pigeon
Ring-tailed Pigeon
Blue-headed Quail-Dove
Crested Quail-Dove
Gray-fronted Quail-Dove
White-fronted Quail-Dove
Key West Quail-Dove
Bridled Quail-Dove
Grenada Dove
Chestnut-bellied Cuckoo
Bay-breasted Cuckoo
Jamaican Lizard-Cuckoo
Puerto Rican Lizard-Cuckoo
Great Lizard-Cuckoo
Hispaniolan Lizard-Cuckoo
Ashy-faced Owl
Puerto Rican Screech-Owl
Bare-legged Owl
Cuban Pygmy-Owl
Jamaican Owl
Least Pauraque
Greater Antillean Nightjar
Puerto Rican Nightjar
Lesser Antillean Swift
Antillean Palm-Swift
Antillean Mango
Jamaican Mango
Purple-throated Carib
Green-throated Carib
Bahama Woodstar
Vervain Hummingbird
Bee Hummingbird
Cuban Emerald
Hispaniolan Emerald
Puerto Rican Emerald
Blue-headed Hummingbird
Antillean Crested Hummingbird
Cuban Trogon
Hispaniolan Trogon
Cuban Tody
Broad-billed Tody
Narrow-billed Tody
Jamaican Tody
Puerto Rican Tody
Antillean Piculet
Guadeloupe Woodpecker
Puerto Rican Woodpecker
Hispaniolan Woodpecker
Jamaican Woodpecker
West Indian Woodpecker
Cuban Green Woodpecker
Fernandina’s Flicker
Red-necked Parrot
St. Lucia Parrot
Black-billed Parrot
Yellow-billed Parrot
Cuban Parrot
Hispaniolan Parrot
Puerto Rican Parrot
Imperial Parrot
St. Vincent Parrot
Cuban Parakeet
Hispaniolan Parakeet
Jamaican Elaenia
Greater Antillean Elaenia
Cuban Pewee
Jamaican Pewee
Hispaniolan Pewee
Lesser Antillean Pewee
Sad Flycatcher
Grenada Flycatcher
Rufous-tailed Flycatcher
La Sagra’s Flycatcher
Stolid Flycatcher
Puerto Rican Flycatcher
Lesser Antillean Flycatcher
Loggerhead Kingbird
Giant Kingbird
Jamaican Becard
Thick-billed Vireo
San Andres Vireo
Jamaican Vireo
Cuban Vireo
Puerto Rican Vireo
Flat-billed Vireo
Blue Mountain Vireo
Palm Crow
Cuban Crow
White-necked Crow
Jamaican Crow
Golden Swallow
Bahama Swallow
Zapata Wren
Cuban Gnatcatcher
Cuban Solitaire
Rufous-throated Solitaire
White-eyed Thrush
La Selle Thrush
White-chinned Thrush
Red-legged Thrush
Forest Thrush
White-breasted Thrasher
Scaly-breasted Thrasher
Pearly-eyed Thrasher
Brown Trembler
Gray Trembler
Bahama Mockingbird
Bahama Yellowthroat
Whistling Warbler
Plumbeous Warbler
Elfin-woods Warbler
Arrowhead Warbler
Olive-capped Warbler
Bahama Warbler
Vitelline Warbler
Adelaide’s Warbler
Barbuda Warbler
St. Lucia Warbler
White-winged Warbler
Green-tailed Warbler
Yellow-headed Warbler
Oriente Warbler
Lesser Antillean Tanager
Cuban Grassquit
Puerto Rican Bullfinch
Greater Antillean Bullfinch
Lesser Antillean Bullfinch
Barbados Bullfinch
Cuban Bullfinch
Yellow-shouldered Grassquit
St. Lucia Black Finch
Puerto Rican Tanager
Black-crowned Palm-Tanager
Gray-crowned Palm-Tanager
Western Chat-Tanager
Eastern Chat-Tanager
Western Spindalis
Jamaican Spindalis
Hispaniolan Spindalis
Puerto Rican Spindalis
Lesser Antillean Saltator
Zapata Sparrow
Red-shouldered Blackbird
Tawny-shouldered Blackbird
Yellow-shouldered Blackbird
Jamaican Blackbird
Cuban Blackbird
Greater Antillean Grackle
Hispaniolan Oriole
Cuban Oriole
Bahama Oriole
Puerto Rican Oriole
St. Lucia Oriole
Montserrat Oriole
Martinique Oriole
Jamaican Oriole
Jamaican Euphonia
Antillean Euphonia
Hispaniolan Crossbill
Antillean Siskin



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