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Discussion Groups

BirdsCaribbean maintains a Yahoo e-group called BirdsCaribbean, which has over 830 members. The purpose of this e-group is to keep you informed about the organization’s activities and important conservation and ornithological developments in the region, including news on current projects, new resources, upcoming workshops and conferences, funding opportunities, and Working Group updates. The list also provides opportunities for discussion among members about key issues related to bird conservation and research in the region. To subscribe to BirdsCaribbea’s e-group, send a blank email to birdscaribbean-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Additional Yahoo Discussion Groups include:
Caribbean Bird Education Network – set up for those interested in bird education in the Caribbean to share information, ideas, materials and opportunities related to raising awareness about birds and their habitats. The Regional Coordinators of the Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival (CEBF), Sheylda Díaz-Méndez, and International Migratory Bird day (IMBD), Anthony Levesque, use this group to communicate with local festival coordinators and educators throughout the region about upcoming festival activities and materials (e.g., posters, colouring books) that are available to help you celebrate.

Caribbean Waterbird Census Network – the purpose of this group is to provide a place to share information about the new Caribbean Waterbird Census (CWC), which BirdsCaribbean is working to establish in the insular Caribbean, as part of a regional bird monitoring program Caribbean BirdWatch. The goal of the CWC is to promote conservation of resident and migrant waterbirds and their wetland habitats based on sound science through monitoring.

Conservation of WIWDs – This group is set up to provide a forum to discuss issues and share information regarding all aspects of conservation of the globally threatened West Indian Whistling-Duck (WIWD) AND other game bird species in the Caribbean, including reintroduction, hunting, and habitat and species management.

Caribbean Seabird Working Group – The group is working to conserve and restore the breeding seabirds of the Caribbean. The purpose of this Yahoo group is to share information on research, monitoring, management, restoration, invasives removals and other aspects of seabird conservation and keep members updated on a new seabird conservation project funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

White-Crowned Pigeon Working Group – This group is working to build capacity in the Caribbean to conserve and sustainably manage WCPI populations throughout the region. The purpose of the Yahoo group is to share information on research, monitoring, management, and other aspects of WCPI conservation and management.

International Black-capped Petrel Conservation Group – This group is focussed on efforts to conserve the endangered Black-capped Petrel (Pterodroma hasitata), also known as the Diablotín.