Help Monitor

Want to monitor for BirdsCaribbean? Find out here how to get started.

BirdsCaribbean’s monitoring projects collect vital records on the distribution, status and abundance of our birds. This information allows us to identify changes in bird populations, helping us to understand the complex challenges facing birds in our ever-changing environment and to more effectively advise conservation efforts.

Through the efforts of volunteers participating in BirdsCaribbean projects, many bird populations of the Caribbean have been monitored effectively for a long time. Not only have these efforts produced important baseline data on many of our birds but we also contribute our data to larger, international monitoring programs.

BirdsCaribbean coordinates several bird monitoring programs throughout the Caribbean. Our monitoring programmes are designed so that anyone – from citizen scientist volunteers and non-governmental agencies to professional biologists and government agencies- can implement and contribute to monitoring. All are welcome to be part of the program.

Everyone is asked to enter their count data in eBird Caribbean, a fantastic online checklist program that allows you to not only keep track of your own bird sightings but also explore what birds have been seen and where in every country of the region.

The Caribbean Waterbird Census (CWC) is our flagship monitoring program. It aims to promote inventories, surveys and censuses of waterbirds and their habitats in all Caribbean countries. Find out more about the CWC program and how to get involved monitoring at existing and new CWC sites.