Outreach and Education

Outreach and education is a vital part of what we do at BirdsCaribbean. We annually organize two major celebrations to raise public awareness, knowledge and appreciation for the region’s many resident and migratory bird species. The Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival celebrates the high number of endemic birds in the region—species that exist nowhere else in the world. During the International Migratory Bird Day Festival, the spotlight is on the long journeys that migratory birds take each year and how critical Caribbean habitats are to their survival during migration and for overwintering.

The West Indian Whistling-Duck and Wetlands Conservation Project provides local teachers and educators with training and educational materials to raise awareness and appreciation of the value for local wetlands.

To engage more youth, and in general a wider range of audiences in the spectacular world of Caribbean birds, we created two new programs, Caribbean BirdSleuth and the Caribbean Birding Trail.

Through the Caribbean BirdSleuth program we train teachers in the Caribbean to involve young people in the natural world and to build their science skills.

The Caribbean Birding Trail is all about encouraging locals and visitors alike to explore the Caribbean beyond the beach and to connect with the rich natural heritage of the islands.