Vol 21, No 2 (2008)

Table of Contents

Research Articles and Notes

Range expansion of White-Winged Dove (Zenaida asiatica) in the Lesser Antilles PDF
Niels J. Larsen, Anthony Levesque 61-65
Nuevos registros de especies de aves acuáticas para Isla de Margarita, Venezuela PDF
Luis G. González B., Gedio C. Marín E., Luis G. González A., Raymundo I. González A. 66-68

Meeting Reports

From the Past to the Globalized Future for Caribbean Birds PDF
Joseph M. Wunderle 69-79
Report of the “Threatened Birds of the Caribbean” Workshop PDF
David C. Wege 80-81
Report from the Symposium “Ecology and Conservation of Caribbean Seabirds” and the Round-table Discussion “Next Steps in Caribbean Seabird Conservation” PDF
Patricia Bradley, Jennifer Wheeler 82-90
Report from the Symposium and Round-table Discussion “Conserving the Region’s Waterbirds and Wetlands – Challenges, Successes, and Solutions” PDF
Lisa Sorenson, David Wege 91-92
Report of the Caribbean Wildlife Art Working Group PDF
Nils Navarro Pacheco 93-94
Report of the Monitoring Working Group PDF
Ann Haynes-Sutton, Chris Wood 95-96
Report of the Parrot Working Group PDF
Rosemarie Gnam 97-98
Report of the Media Working Group PDF
Leo Douglas 99
Report of the Workshop “Using Participatory Natural Resource Management as a Tool for Conservation” PDF
Nicole Leotaud 100-101
Report of the Symposium and Round-table Discussion “Training Needs and Opportunities for Protected Areas Management” PDF
Nadra Nathai-Gyan, Lisa Sorenson 102-104
Report of the Round-table Discussion “Organizing Grassroots Campaigns to Oppose Projects that Threaten Bird Habitat” PDF
Andrew Dobson, Bonnie Rusk 105
Report of the “Second Western Hemisphere Bird Banding Network Workshop” PDF
Antonio Celis Murillo, Maria Isabel Moreno 106-107
Report of the Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival Coordinators’ Meeting PDF
Sheylda N. Díaz-Méndez 108-109
Report of the White-Crowned Pigeon (Patagioenas leucocephala) Working Group PDF
D. Brandon Hay 110-111
Report of the Invasive Species Working Group PDF
Andrew Dobson, Sarah Sanders 112-114
Proyecto Paiz: The Endangered Blue-Headed Quail-Dove (Starnoenas cyanocephala) as an Umbrella Species for Bird Conservation in Cuba PDF
Simon Bruslund Jensen, Juan Pedro Soy, Orlando Alfonso, Amrita Deb, Guntram G. Meier 115-118

Book Reviews

Birds, Beasts & Bureaucrats: A Naturalist on a Caribbean Island, by Herbert A. Raffaele, 2007 PDF
Review by: John Faaborg 119-120

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