: Progress at JCO

With Volume 27, the Journal of Caribbean Ornithology is now an open-access, on-line only publication.  We are very happy to have made this leap and hope that it will allow the important information in our journal to reach a global audience.  Anyone can now freely access the peer-reviewed articles of JCO.

We are working hard to bring the journal up to speed and are gradually transitioning to the submission software of OJS for all our communications and for the review process.  We are still basically an all-volunteer and lightly staffed editorial board -- myself and Doug Weidemann -- but we hope to grow into a full editorial board with a streamlined review and publication process.

Thanks very much for your patience as we move forward with this process.  We will be wrapping up Volume 27 here at the start of 2015 and will soon be publishing new articles in Volume 28.  We are very thankful for all the conservation and natural history work being done in the Caribbean and are thrilled to be an open source outlet for ornithology in this globally important biodiversity hotspot.  Please stay tuned for bigger and better things from JCO.

Questions, comments, or problems with the website?  Please contact Jason Townsend: townsend.jason.m@gmail.com