Want to volunteer for BirdsCaribbean? Find out here how to get started.

BirdsCaribbean and our partners always welcome volunteers, and we would love you to share your time and talents with us. You don’t have to be an expert birder to make a contribution. Whichever way you help – whether it’s designing posters, providing transport, fundraising, mentoring, counting birds, making bird costumes, organizing and running events, writing, editing, photography or media work – just giving a little of your time can make all the difference to our work.

The work of our volunteers has helped to conduct research, raise awareness, and protect many of our treasured Caribbean birds and their habitats. Volunteers are the foundation of BirdsCaribbean’s work, and they are integral to the success of our flagship programmes and festivals. Involving volunteers from all sectors of society is fundamental to the ethos of BirdsCaribbean.

However you choose to get involved, volunteering with BirdsCaribbean can make a positive contribution not only to your own quality of life and environment, but also that of future generations.

Please use this form to let us know that you’d like to volunteer for us. If possible, tell us what kinds of things you could help out with and where you are located so that we can connect you with a local partner or use your help here at BirdsCaribbean.