Caribbean Birding Trail

The mission of the Caribbean Birding Trail (CBT) is to create and promote nature-based, authentic experiences that engage visitors and locals with the unique birds of the Caribbean and connect them to the extraordinary places, diverse cultures and people of each island. The CBT, when completed, will cover the entire reach of the Caribbean from Bermuda to Trinidad and Tobago.

Through the CBT we aim to stimulate high yield, low volume, and low impact tourism. Tourism of this sort strives to capture the economic impacts locally, and to empower local communities and small businesses to harness the tourism economy for their own direct benefit.

The CBT model of tourism is in direct contrast to the mass tourism model of cruises and resorts that is widely adopted throughout the Caribbean. The focus of mass tourism in the region is to generate a high volume of visitation to sun and sand destinations. The result is a range of negative impacts, socially and environmentally, and a low level of awareness of the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Caribbean.

We therefore invite you to go on the Caribbean Birding Trail and explore what is beyond the beach.