Patrimonio Vegetal: Heritage Plants eBook Now Available in Spanish

Patrimonio Vegetal is part of BirdsCaribbean's effort to provide resources in multiple languages.
Patrimonio Vegetal is part of BirdsCaribbean’s effort to provide resources in multiple languages.
The BirdsCaribbean-produced guide to bird-friendly gardening with native plants has been translated into Spanish and is available now on the Resources page of the BirdsCaribbean website. The book—called Heritage Plants in its English edition—was produced collaboratively by members of BirdsCaribbean and translated into Spanish by Juan Carlos Fernández Ordóñez. It was produced to accompany the 2015 International Migratory Bird Day theme: Restore Habitats, Restore Birds.

The book emphasizes the importance of native plants to Caribbean birds and other animals. While many islands are heavily developed, bird-friendly gardening and native tree plantings in neighborhoods can help people and wildlife co-exist. The trees and plants featured in the book were selected specifically for their value to birds. The book also includes general advice about creating bird-friendly backyards and habitat renewal as well as links to resources with additional information.